Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three IT Project Management Tools

Every trade has its tools. As an IT project manager, what do you consider to be your "tools of the trade?"

There are three tools used by IT project managers and team members that are key to the administration of a project. These three tools are project planning software, project estimating software, and presentation tools.

1. Project planning software
Project planning software helps your team define and manage the scope of the project. Many versions of planning software are presently available for project management. You should shop around to determine the best product for the various projects your company undertakes.

Planning software is a valuable tool for creating and managing schedules like Gantt or Pert-type charts and for facilitating communication between all parties involved in the project.

2. Project estimating software
Project estimating software is useful for compiling data, producing charts, managing resources and costs, and performing analyses. Spreadsheets are a common example of estimating software.

3. Presentation tools
Presentation tools help you visually deliver progress reports, produce user manuals, and prepare final reports. The specific needs of your project will help you determine the estimating software and presentation tool you will need.

By determining your project needs ahead of time, you will be able to identify key IT project management tools that will help you and your team effectively complete your next project.

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