Sunday, June 24, 2007

Project Management Activities

Project Management is composed of several different types of activities such as:
  1. Planning the work or objectives
  2. Analysis & Design of objectives
  3. Assessing and controlling risk (or Risk Management)
  4. Estimating resources
  5. Allocation of resources
  6. Organizing the work
  7. Acquiring human and material resources
  8. Assigning tasks
  9. Directing activities
  10. Controlling project execution
  11. Tracking and Reporting progress
  12. Analyzing the results based on the facts achieved
  13. Defining the products of the project
  14. Forecasting future trends in the project
  15. Quality Management
  16. Issues Management
  17. Issues solving
  18. Defect prevention
  19. Project Closure meet
  20. Communicating to stakeholders


nahed said...
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nahed said...

can you give an example for simple project and determine what project management activities will be performed

regards, nahed

McLachlan Lister said...


Thanks goodness I found this blog. I have been looking around for hours trying to find this data. Keep up the good work! Also I adore your over all look of your blog. I will be back. I have bookmarked you.

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