Sunday, June 24, 2007

Project Management Artifacts

Most projects, to be successful, must adequately document objectives and deliverables. These documents are a mechanism to align sponsors, clients, and project team's expectations.
  1. Project Charter
  2. Business Case / Feasibility Study
  3. Scope Statement / Terms of Reference
  4. Project Management Plan / Project Initiation Document
  5. Work Breakdown Structure
  6. Change Control Plan
  7. Risk Management Plan
  8. Communications Plan
  9. Governance Model
  10. Risk Register
  11. Issue Log
  12. Action Item List
  13. Resource Management Plan
  14. Project Schedule
  15. Status Report
  16. Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  17. Database of Risks
  18. Database of Lessons Learned
  19. Stakeholder Analysis
These documents are normally hosted on a shared resource (i.e., Intranet web page) and are available for review by the project's stakeholders. Changes or updates to these documents are explicitly outlined in the project's configuration management (or change control plan).

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