Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Components of an IT Project Plan

A project plan is an essential part of any IT project. The project plan should be sensible, current, and receive frequent reviews. It can help you organize your documents while providing guidance on how the project is to be executed and controlled.
By breaking a project into manageable sections or components, an IT manager can maintain constant control over the project. Before embarking on a project, you must ensure that your project plan clearly does the following.
1. The plan must define the objective.Your project must have a clearly defined objective. This is the first thing you must do as an IT project manager. It is important to note that the project's objective must correspond to your company's overall objectives.
There are three points to consider when developing the objective for your project. First, you need to define what the finished product will do. Second, all parties must agree with the wording of the objective. Finally, the objective has to be documented.
2. The plan must estimate scope, time, and cost. Scope, time, and cost are prime components in any project. Each of these factors can work against the others, and it is the manager's job to ensure that these competing goals work cooperatively together. This limitation is known as the triple constraint.
The scope describes the tasks that must be completed to reach the objective. The time factor identifies the length of time estimated to complete the project. The cost includes all expenditures necessary to complete the project.
3. The plan must include details on project standards.You and your team should always develop an agreed-upon set of standards for your project. Standards will help you deliver steady, high-quality products to your sponsors or customers.
4. The plan must identify agreed-upon deliverables.Deliverables can help your team determine whether all tasks within a phase have been completed effectively. Developing a schedule for the completion of deliverables also can help you monitor your project and keep it on track.
5. The plan must establish change procedures. Change in an IT project is inevitable, and you need to plan for it. Change procedures are project-defining components that enable you to set guidelines on how and when changes will be made.
As a manager, you want to ensure that your project processes run smoothly. By understanding the components of your project, you will be able to plan and manage your IT projects more effectively.


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thk u very much for sharing this with us. is there a way i can get detailed example of a project plan?
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Respected sir,
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