Friday, April 20, 2012

Negotiation Skills in Project Management

Negotiation is a strategy of conferring with parties of shared or opposed interests with a view to compromise or reach an agreement. Negotiation is an integral part of project management and done well, increases the probability of project success.

The following skills and behaviors are useful in negotiating successfully:
  • Analyze the situation.
  • Differentiate between wants and needs - both theirs and yours.
  • Focus on interests and issues rather than on positions.
  • Ask high and offer low, but be realistic.
  • When you make a concession, act as if your are yielding something of value, don't just give in.
  • Always make sure both parties feel as if they have won. This is win-win negotiating. Never let the other party leave feeling as if he or she has had advantage taken of them.
  • Do a good job in listening and articulating.
Source: Project Management of Body Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)