Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leadership Skills of Project Managers

Leadership is one of the important interpersonal skills for project managers. Leadership involves focusing the efforts of a group of people toward a common goal and enabling them to work as a team.
In general terms, leadership is the ability to get things done through others. Respect and trust, rather than fear and submission, are the key elements of effective leadership.

Although important throughout all project phases, effective leadership is critical during the beginning phases of a project when the emphasis is on communication the vision and motivating and inspiring project participants to achieve high performance.

Project managers with a strong leadership skill have the ability to force a clear project objective, to create and manage a comprehensive statement of scope, to differentiate between requirements and expectations and manage both, to analyze and manage risks, to define and enforce a clear review and approval process for deliverables, and to build cohesive team out of a temporary group of employees.

Throughout the project, the project team leaders are responsible for establishing and maintaining the vision, strategy, and communications; fostering trust and team building; influencing, mentoring, and monitoring; and evaluating the performance of the team and the project.

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