Sunday, August 10, 2008

Results of Quality Control Measurements

Results of quality control measurements are inputs to project quality assurance. These results are the testing and measurement records of quality control, and include acceptance decisions, rework, and process adjustments.

From a quality assurance perspective, you can use the results of quality control measurements for comparison and analysis purposes. Specifically, you can compare the results found with the expected results of the product or process, pinpoint exactly where non-conformities took place, and examine the reasons for non-conformities. Details about these important inputs to project quality assurance are provided below.

1. Acceptance decisions
How many work-related decisions do you make in one day? The number is likely to be much higher than you realize. Throughout the duration of a project, the number of quality issues that require a decision may seem endless.

One type of quality assurance decision is an acceptance decision. This results from an inspection of a process stage, or a final product or service. The acceptance decision is simply this—the item will either be accepted or rejected.

2. Rework
When an item or process is rejected as the result of an acceptance decision, it may require rework. The purpose of rework is to make non-conforming or defective items or processes meet requirements or specifications. Companies try to minimize the need for rework, as it causes projects to miss deadlines and budgets.

3. Process adjustments
Immediate corrective or preventative action should take place when rework is required as the result of an acceptance decision. This course of action is called a process adjustment.

The changes that are made as a result of a process adjustment will help prevent the defect from occurring in the future. More details about process adjustments are provided below.
  • Find the source of the problem. Process adjustments involve more than fixing non-conformities. They include discovering the source of the problem itself.
  • Take corrective action. Process adjustments may be small adjustments, or major undertakings, depending on the nature of the problem.

The results of quality control measurements are acceptance decisions, rework, and process adjustments. These quality assurance inputs are an important part of discovering the reasons behind non-conforming projects or processes.

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