Friday, October 10, 2008

Incorporating Policies, Procedures, and Regulations

Safety nets ensure that the work environment is secure. Human resource practices work as a safety net to ensure that the employment practices you use in forming a project team are above board.

You can ensure that the integrity of your project is beyond reproach by following the policies and guidelines set by your company, your industry, and the government.

Organizations have a variety of policies, procedures, and regulations that help the project management team with various aspects of organizational planning. These human resource practices give guidance on planning team benefits, incorporating company initiatives, and following government stipulations.

The sources of influence which govern employment practices can be divided into internal sources and external sources. Internal sources are policies set forth by the organization. External sources are decisions made outside of the company which affect company policy. Together, these internal and external sources make up the policies, procedures, and regulations governing your project.
  • Company policies - include information addressing issues like vacation time, maternity leave, sick leave, and medical benefits.
  • Regulations - deal with safety standards, minimum wage laws, and hiring discrimination.
  • Procedures - vary from company to company. Your company chooses procedures based on what works best in its industry and what has proven to provide a sense of continuity and balance.
Corporate policies and procedures are at the discretion of individual companies. These are based on what each company deems fair and what it finds produces the most productive and loyal employees. On the other hand, the laws set forth by government are unwavering standards which must be met by each and every company. While project managers should abide by the human resource practices of the organizations in which they work, the laws set by government are binding and aren't optional.

The government has placed regulations upon different industries for the benefit of the public, as well as for those who work in these industries. The regulations differ for each industry, and you should become aware of how they affect your project.

Complying with company policies, regulations, and procedures will help to ensure project success. As you build and develop your project team, remember to:
  • follow organizational procedures when assigning new jobs
  • ensure the same level of project information gets to all team members
  • provide similar training for all team members
  • ensure senior management approves any guarantee made to an employee about future roles or positions
  • inform team members why they were selected.
Company policies, regulations, and procedures are the safety nets that guide you to make sound decisions when it comes to planning the human resource aspect of your project. When you follow your company's human resource practices you stand a better chance of keeping your team members happy, the government satisfied, and your organization running smoothly.

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