Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coding Project Data for Extracting and Sorting

As a project progresses, project managers need to sort tasks based on their attributes. The easiest way to do this is to take advantage of the coding structure capabilities of whatever project management software you are using.

Project activities should be assigned a coding structure that will allow them to be sorted or extracted based on attributes such as, responsibility, geographic area or building, and project phase.

Sorting using the responsibility attribute will provide information about who is responsible for an activity. This may be an individual, a group, or a team.

The geographic area or building attribute tells you where an activity will take place. The geographic area may be a specific location such as the Dickson Building, or a general area such as a client's site.

The project phase attribute refers to a particular stage of development. Sorting by project phase will provide information about which activities will occur during specific phases of the project.

Jennifer is the project manager for BMR Railway's passenger car renovation project. She needs to find out several important details about project activities, and she needs them in a hurry. With a properly configured coding structure Jennifer will be able to quickly sort and retrieve this information.

Using the responsibility attribute, she is able to find out that four activities are being overseen by the project's lead designer.

Using the geographic area or building attribute, Jennifer discovers that 9 out of 10 project activities will occur at the rail yard on Wilber Avenue East.

Using the project phase attribute, Jennifer learns that the seat-recovering activities will be taking place during the second phase of the project.

As a project manager, you will be called on to sort and extract project-related data. By using a properly configured coding structure, you will find you can quickly and easily isolate the information you need.

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